Green Notes, 8" square

Three Grapefruit Halves, 3"x3.5"

Bananas, 8"x10"

Ring of Figs, 4"x6"

Yankee Floral, 6"x4.5"

Gypsy Rose, 8"x5.5"

Roses, 5"x3.5"

Bottle with Yarrow

Pansies, 8" square

Rabbit’s Tale, 9"x12"

The Sentry, 6"x8"

Modern Tradition, 9"x12"


V8, 6" square

The Blue Glass, 6" square

Glass & Peas, 9" x 7"

The Public Image, 6"x8"

The Lineup

Blue Glass & Scissors, 8"x6"

Sunflower, 8" square

Fire Light, 18"x14"

Bennington Studio

The Disruptor

Grapes on Plate, 8" square

Tumbled, 6"x4"

Yellow Bowl, 3" square

Vessels, 7.5"x5.5"

Light (study)

Bottle and Figs

Seated Bather (after Ingres)

Center Stage, 7x5"

Violets, 6"x6"